The Wrath circa 2012

Alyson Tiller (Codenamed The Wrath)
Date of Birth 1986
Date of Death N/A
Gender Female
Height 5' 8"
Race/Ethnicity White Caucasian, British
Occupation Second Luietenant, C.H.A.O.S. Unit
Marital status Single
Relative(s) N/A
Status Alive

Alyson was not attractive in her youth. She was often ignored and taunted by boys and had few friends. However as she grew older her body changed and she soon blossomed into a very attractive young woman with a genuine hate of males. She was the first female subject of the nanomachines.

Pre-Cancer ResearchEdit

Alyson grew up with a warped mind. Having males reject her she had come to hate all men, going as far as to murder her own father. She spent her teen years abducting men and beating them within an inch of thier life, however after seeing the rage in her own eyes one morning, she feared she had lost her mind and fled to America where she met David Court who was nothing but kind to Alyson. They soon became good friends, David assisted her in funding her education and she developed an infatuation with the one man who had shown her kindness. After graduating with a degree in Biological Engineering alongside Davide she was offered employment by Achara Cancer Research. She suggested using biological components and micro-mechanics to fight Cancer.


After David Court faked his death Alyson slowly began to lose her mind once again. After a failed attempt at suicide doctors discovered a cancerous tumor pressing against her skull causing mild homicidal urges and agression. She was the first official candidate for Achara's Nanomachine cure. She awoke fighting fit, the nanomachines speeding up recovery and rapidly intensifying her physical abilities.


Recovering from the cancer she discovered her murderous urges gone. This didn't stop her from hating men however, before she could leave the hospital the building was stormed by soldiers from TrputeX, a PMO (Private Military Organization). Her heightened senses and flexibility were put to good use for their military desires. She became known simply as The Wrath for her hatred of men.

Achara Incorporated MurdersEdit

Cancer patients who had been treated with Achara's nanomachines suddenly died. Their corpses however remained animated by the nanomachines. Rumours suddenly began to arise that Achara were using corpses for their own gain and revenge against TrputeX, they batted them off claiming the NRS (Nanomachine Response System) had been hijacked and they were doing all they could to sort it out. The Wrath was dispatched along witht the rest of C.H.A.O.S. to silence Achara higher ups and capture the animated corpses for weapons research.


The Wrath naturally has blond hair and blue eyes, though a pigment released from the nanomachines dyes them a deep red. Her usual outfit consists of black fatigue pants, a blue skintight vest, black and red gloves and a pair of black combat boots.