The Thundershot of Rullsington was the song written and composed by Sullivan J. Crowley, a talented musician and composer, and played by the Dual-Crescendo Orchestra. The song was written in honour of Terrence Daniels, the war hero of Terrence Fields (Rullsington was the former name of Terrence Fields, before Terrence Daniels was a war hero). The origin of the name comes from Terrence Daniels's original nickname (before 'Captain Revolver'), Thundershot, as his revolver's shots were so loud they were like thunder. The lyrics are as followed:

When the cannons aren't near,
When the storms aren't rising,
If you still hear thunder,
And loud morbid cryin',
It ain't the beasts from down under,
But if you fought it, you'd die trying,


Because the Thundershot's a-comin', *Drumbeat, x3*
And you'd better go home runnin', *Brass + Percussion, x3*
Before you end up another thing, *Strings + Wind, x4, allegro*
On the Thundershot's wall! *Grand Crescendo, strings + brass*
Oh, the Thundershot of Rullsington, sure to make you dead,
Oh, the Thundershot of Rullsington, he's going to have your head!
When you're in enemy fire,
And you hear the roarin',
Of the Eastern battle criers,
You'd best be off crawlin',
Off onto your knees before the demons catch you dead,
It's better than stayin' and losing your head!


The Thundershot, The Thundershot, *Drumbeat, x2*
He's comin', so start runnin', *Drumbeat, x2*
*into decrescendo* He's comin', the Thundershot, the Thundershot,
  • Grand Crescendo, played allegro and forte*