the man in the old mask
Created date of Creation unknown
Created By a old mask that he picked up
Creation putting on the mask
Based human/monster
Height/Length 5 feet 7 inches
Purpose to kill all that enter the forbidden warehouse
Status Active

Once he was human but now he is just a shadow of his former self and a puppet of the mask. The moment he put the mask to his face it caused a power surge to go through his body, his eyes turned as black as the night and his tounge (now three times it's normal lenth) crept around his razor sharp teeth. Not much is known about him and many belive him to be just a legend but they say that he is now a gaurdian of the warehouse where he first found the mask and must gaurd it until he dies. But only the bravest (or the stupidest) of heroes dare go into the warehouse, for he kills all that enter. And so far very few have returned.