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A creative imagination wiki focused on creating horror settings, characters, and roleplaying mazes.

Constructed Horror Wiki is NOT a place for horror fan fiction. Please see Constructed Horror Wiki:About and Constructed Horror Wiki:Rules for more information.

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Result: A dank, dark setting with a creepy atmosphere, brave protagonists with good intentions to match, evil antagonists with god-like powers, horrifying creatures, a captivating horror story, or an intense RP Maze! Find out what happens when you combine your imagination and this wiki. Start now!

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An altered human is physically identical to a normal human being

Altered Humans were created when the biological half of the nanomachines used to treat cancer became sentient. Achara had planned the creation on Altered Humans for some time during their cancer research, but it wasn't until Alyson Tiller suggested biological components did they truly estimate the usefullness of a 24 hour surveillance that their patients could provide. With no real malicious intent, Achara simply planned to use them as human surveillance units. Monitering the sights and thoughts of their patients was a good way to get in on politics, considering several of the priority cancer-patients were high rungs in the chain of command. Once they activated the Rapid Assimilation function, which was pre-programmed into the mechanical components, those with Achara's nanomachines could even be controlled. An incident involving a frequency hijack caused Achara to lose control of one of their subjects, which was then used to brutally murder his whole family. Several of these murders were carried out across the world as more and more nanomachines were hijacked and abused.


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