R-LX (v5)
Date of Birth 15th Febuary 2006
Date of Death Not dead
Gender X
Height Over 2 metres
Race/Ethnicity Good
Occupation X
Marital status X
Relative(s) X
Status Alive

R-LX 5 is the fith version of a robot called R-LX.

V1- Made by scientists as a test (Malfunctioned)

V2- A remake that was with improved intelligence and bigger (Stolen, upgraded and dissapeared)

V3- Seized by the millitary and equiped with guns for a war (Malfunctioned and killed 16 of there own soldiers)

V4- Created to defend against hordes of zombies (Was destroyed before it was finished)

V5~ Only surviving version. Has chainguns for arms and it's purpose is to stop zombies (Active)

V6- Unkown (Scrapped for money)

V7- Given an improved personality, but it turned on its masters killing itself and the scientists who made it along with a military general who wanted to buy it (destroyed)

V5 has a personality and a high IQ but only has one purpose: To save the human race from the undead. After v7 rampaged the military want to destroy it. But V5 is learning from humans and does not want to die. He is placed in Memos city were he is fighting off hordes of zombies and monsters.