Memos city used to be one of the nicest places you could live in. It was full of fairly wealthy people with lots of places to hang out and have fun in! There were nearly no tramps or thugs. Life in Memos city was great and it was growing bigger with more people flocking in each year!

Well... that was BEFORE the undead attacked of cause. One day a group of hooded men and women came to the cemetary and placed a strange machine there. Then they swiched it on and left. They are called A.C.I.D and placed the machine (7oo) for there goal to control the undead and create monsters that they could use for their own crazy purposes. The 7oo machine failed and they were eaten before they could escape the city but other members of the organisation still exist.

Millions died and now they are considering nuking the area. They are not letting anybody in or out of the city. The military did try to stop them using soldiers, tanks and robots (see R-LX 5). But all attempts failed because what is dead cannot die again. More die every day. Any aircraft in the city will be shot down.

Rumors say that it is possible to get in and out using the sewers or the subway system, but the sewers are overun with monsters and there arwe no trains left. Many have tried escaping and it is unkown if anybody has made it out alive.

Now it is not safe anywhere, houses are burning down. The streets are bloodied. Children scream in pain. It is a constant darkness. And you cannot escape the death. Even if you manage to barricade yourself in somewhere a monster or a group of zombies could break in, they will always hunt you. And the screaming of others could drive you mad. Aswell as the fact supplies are low. Oh, and it is only a matter of time before they nuke the place (and you) anyway!