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You obey Jeremy's orders and stagger back to the cell door, leaning against the south wall. You hear footsteps coming down from the stairwell. As you watch, a large figure wearing a bloodstained butcher's apron, rag pants and sandels comes down the stairs. He is holding a large butcher's knife. As he passes your cell, you sigh with relief. You creep closer to the cell, by mere inches, to watch what happens. The man opens a cell door and grabs a prisoner by the shoulder, pulling him. The poor prisoner is quaking with fear, and you can see some tears running down his eyes.

The man takes the prisoner up the stairwell. Minutes pass. You are still listening intently. Suddenly, a man's scream is heard. It strikes fear into your very core. But something is even more frightening. That scream slowly deepens, turning into a howl, and then into a bloodthirsty growl barely audible. Wild screeching is heard.

Jeremy:Oh my god...They infected Shepard...

Prisoner:It was his time anyways. The guy got what he deserved.

What do you say?