Honneur Douleur
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Race/Ethnicity French-American
Occupation Assassin, Executioner, Torturer
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Alive

Honneur Douleur was the infamous torturer responsible for the deaths of many evil peoples. Working under the alias of Dagger-Eyes (or Dagger, as many preferred to call him), he was also known as Tormentor, as he liked to taunt and slowly torture his captives in their final moments. He later became known as "Honour Pain", as this was the literal French translation for his name, and because he would usually yell this while torturing his victims. While he may be an evil man and while this doesn't absolve him of his sins, he was put through somewhat the same thing when he was a child, as his mother died during childbirth and his father, a drunk gambler heavily in debt, resented Honneur, and abused him, beating the child half to death, and bullies regularly beat up Douleur. He began to despise humanity with all his hate he had, and worked for a man, Daniel Gaff, who had the same perception as Douleur. Gaff would send out his goons, also ones with the same vision, to capture victims on the street (victims perceived as evil, e.g. known prison inmates, escaped convicts, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, e cetera) and give them to Honneur and some other torturers to torment for hours. Honneur sometimes worked freelance, killing muggers, rapists, and pickpockets out in the street, working as a sniper. Sometimes, when a victim was deemed not all too evil, he was put through quick execution, and Honneur was usually the one executing the victim. Honneur has told Gaff that Honneur Douleur is not his real name - his real name is unknown, and his current name was taken from words his father used to shout at him while beating him.