Hell's nightmare ~ PART 1 (Steve)Edit

You are Sam Cotes, it is nearly midnight, 19th July 2010. You don't know exactly what is happening because it was only yesterday you where celebrating your younger brother, John's seventeenth birthday. John is dead now. You whached as he was torn apart by those... things. Memos city is now overun with monsters. You are completely unarmed, hiding in a tunnel with two others, waiting for your friend Steve to return with supplies.

Nobody was talking or making any noise atall, this made the tension worse and everyone was scared and afraid. And after the first 10 minuets nobody thought that Steve would come back. Then a banging sound was heard on the metal door.

Man: Please! Let me in! There coming to get me, oh my god! Hurry up! PLEASE!

It wasn't Steve's voice, but the man seemed like he was in trouble. Then the screaming started and the banging stopped

Will you open the door?