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Gregory Cracroony
Date of Birth 1950,15th,march
Date of Death Didn't happen yet
Gender Male
Height 6 feet
Race/Ethnicity White
Occupation Retired
Marital status Married for 35 years
Relative(s) Harry cracroony (Son)
Status Alive

Rich,Smart,Married,Gregory Cracroony has it all.

Early Life Edit

Greg grew up in a middle class suburb in new york, then at age 23 he moved into the city to play the stalk market.Thats where he won big when he gained 40 million from a smart exploit of the system .a year later he met Margery Walker who was a middle class beautiful girl , they got married the next year .

His Dream Edit

When he was 30 Greg often dreamed about building a city that would be a paradise that his family could live in . So he invested 10 million dollars in building his dream city,which he named after his last name ,Cracroony City .

His Family Edit

His only known family is his son,Harry Cracroony who is a brilliant scientist . Harry was born 1985 and graduated college with a doctorate at age 17 . Rumors say that Harry and his father never got along very well .

Personality Edit

Greg Cracroony is a very nice,comforting,and family oriented man . he is highly respected for his niceness in the business world .

His 40s Edit