Frazier Grady
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Race/Ethnicity British
Occupation Ordermaster, Knight, Demon Slayer
Marital status married
Relative(s) Thomas Grady (Descendent), Duke Grady (Son, Deceased)
Status Deceased

Lord Frazier Grady, also known as Lord Frazier Garadex, was the lord of Castle Garadex, founder of The Keepers, a group of demon slayers who sought to protect the world from Ashkoff Demonik's summoned horrors, and the ancestor of Thomas Grady. He was bitten by a demon while defending Castle Garadex and was cursed. After he fathered a child, Duke Grady, he was told that his entire family line was cursed. He talked to apothecaries, healers, alchemists, and mages, but no one had a cure in mind except to destroy the family line. However, he did not worry as his family did not really show signs of turning. Indeed, his ancestor, Thomas Grady, was the only one who showed changes, and that would not be until centuries later. He died in his deathbed at the age of 97 after a successful career in demon slaying. Frazier's descendants and his friends' descendants keep The Keepers going and keep the demons in Crucible contained.