Before you can make a decision to give up or run or whatever, something inside your head clicks. You instantly raised your Glock 17 and take aim the leader. He screams for the soldiers to open fire. You fire off two rounds in rapid sucession, two soliders dropping to the floor and blood leaking from their heads, before kicking the door to the room you were just in and jumping through. Bullets slam into the walls and furniture of the hallway you were just in.

You hear men approaching and press up against the wall beside the door. As soon as the first man enters the room, you grab his sub-machine gun and easily disarm him before killing him with a simply twist of the neck. Using your handgun and sub-machine gun, you spray the closest soldiers to you and they drop to the floor dead or are forced backwards due to the protective armor. Raising the weapon, you spray more bullets at their heads and even more soldiers drop. With only four men remaining, the leader orders the others to retreat. You gun down two more men before allowing the others to rush down the stariwell and mroe than likely escaping.

Suddenly your back in control of you body and you just stare at the carnage you've caused. Knowing someone wants you for unknown reasons, you decide that it be safe it you got out of the building. You drop the submachine gun and make your way toward the elevator.