Crucible, a once virtuous and quaint little town, known for its serenity and tranquility, was a tourist hot spot. The only way to get in was through a pass in the Chatler Mountains or by cable car. However, the recognition it got faded away when a demon-worshipper and fanatic by the name of Crowley Demonik moved in and started causing trouble in town. Demonik secretly started a cult, called The Order of Demoniacs, which worshipped demons and burned human sacrifices. One day, the townsfolk had enough of Demonik and accused him of witchcraft and murder, and burned him alive. However, his descendents and fellow cultsmen carried the Order until it dissolved. It is secretly known by some folk that the Demoniacs carry a dark secret. Some say they were carrying out a ritual to summon demons into the human realm, and succeeded in summoning one, which they guard from humanity, saying it was too dangerous and could kill even the worshippers. Others say that Demonik turned some cultsmen into demons. A rumour goes around, saying that some cultsmen were originally demons, and have the power to turn others into demons as well. Some tourists still go to Crucible, for food, views, shows, and the serenity that it somewhat holds today. But recent reports of strange fog have accused the Demoniacs of witchcraft, and reports of missing people and murder victims ripped to shreds make the people of Crucible fear of a true demon lying in their midst.