Crowley Demonik, last portrait of him when he was sane

Crowley Rugford Demonik
Date of Birth 1954
Date of Death allegedly 1991
Gender Male
Height 6’1”
Race/Ethnicity Russo-British
Occupation Demon Worshipper, Cultmaster
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Unknown

Crowley Rugford Demonik was one of the most wicked and vile people to ever live in Crucible. He was born in an unknown place to unknown parents. Not much was known about his childhood or past. The only thing known was that he moved into Crucible a sane man, but turned mad when he claimed that demons murdered his friend. He was sent to the asylum for ten years and came out a demon worshipper. He started the cult, The Order of Demoniacs, and was generally blamed for murders and disappearances. He was allegedly killed when the people of Crucible accused of him of witchcraft and burned him alive in 1991. Legend tells that he is still alive in the form of a demon, stalking his killers in an eternal hunt.