As the elevator makes it's way down the shaft, you arrive at the lobby and find that a blockade has been formed around the front of the building and see soldiers climing the stairwell while much more wait in the lobby and outside. The ones who notice you turn and stare. You gulp and quickly press the 'close doors' button. You immediately think of going to the top floor to see if there's an exit there, but realize they'll know. You decide to confuse them by pressing random buttons. As you make your way toward your first destination, the soldiers don't decide to play your game. The elevator stalls.

You swear and climb onto the top fo the elevator. You see the line leading all the way up and take hold of it. If it can hold an elevator, surely it can hold you. You grab onto the line and begin the pull yourself upwards. As you begin to reach the top of the elevator shaft, the doors on the floor above you are pried open. Thinking quickly, you angle yourself into position and leap to the nearest elevator doors. With surprising ease, you force the doors open and exit onto that floor, slapping in a new magizine into your Glock 17 as soon as your steadied. You hear more footsteps coming your way.

Somehow, judging from just the sounds of the footsteps, you can estimate you have about eight seconds until the soldiers get to you and also guess that there's more men than the ones you killed earlier. You glance toward the window at the end of the hall and see a railings of a fire escape.