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You are not brave enough to walk inside the house, and you decide to leave that place and watch for another exit. You turn around, and start checking the area. You see a letter stick in a nearby wall, at the right side of a four floors . The letter was the following:

If there is someone that I can talk within this town, please go to my house... It's an emergency, I must speak to someone... PLEASE!!! My house is at Melody Street, number #3254... Also, if you see a man name-

But that was the end of it. The other part of the letter was burned, and it was impossible to read. You wonder who had written the letter, and if you should go. This person needed to talk with someone, yet the letter was very unusual and really strange. You start to confuse, and then you start asking yourself:

¿What should I do? 

  • Go to Melody Street and try to find this person
  • Ignore the letter and try to do something else