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You awake in the middle of a street, with the sole memory of being in your car and looking at a light, shinning at some meters from you. You have no idea of where you are, and you have less idea of what to do now. Looking around, you can see the many buildings of five or six floors that are around that place, and you can also see a lone house at the distance. The house was big, yet you could see many parts of it half destroyed, and it was abandoned, just like every building that you could probably see. Your eyes turn to one of the windows of this house, and there, you can see the face of an old woman, staring at you with a face that could scare even the bravest man of earth. You close your eyes to pull out that face from your mind, and at the next second you look at the window, the old woman was not there... even if scare was consuming your whole body, there was something telling you that you needed to go inside, yet your mind was telling you to go out of that place immediately...

¿What do you do?