Unknown, called BABY by Outbreak survivours
Created date of Creation unknown
Created By William Redeker
Creation Embryotic Research
Based Embryotic Cells
Height/Length 7-8'
Purpose To try and replicate human growth
Status Extinct

BABy (Actual Experiment Number unknown) was an Experiment by ITEs in order to try and mimic the growth of the human body. The resulting problems caused a large human creature with a high ability to reason, but very low brain capacity. It was deemed a failure and moved to culture growth in the lower floors of the ITEX Ember Field Branch.

During the 2022 Outbreak of the aforementioned branch, the creature escaped and preceded to stalk and kill multiple Scientists who hid. The experiment killed around 250 scientists before it was finally taken down by Eliza Wood.

Description Edit

     Multiple survivors reported seing BABY, describing him as being a normal man, though being 7 feet tall. Due to changes to his embryonic system, he mutated heavily under damage, turning from a man, to an inevitable blob of flesh. His veins were visible at all times.

Point Behind Work Edit

     William Redeker wished to try and create a man who could undergo large amounts of damage, and be able to recover effiecently. To do this, William made "BABY" have a 50x increase in blood embryonic cells, and reversed enginerred his bone marrow to make it produce more cells daily. BABY was eventualy deemed a failure, after it was obvious that it could create malformations in body parts.