This setting involves the present day USA at the cusp of the second decade of the third millennium. Citizens are proles controlled by ubiquitous technology, a device of the resurrected Military-Industrial cabal.

There are only two classes, the Masters and the Slaves. The Masters use technology to control the masses. Those who consider themselves to be Middle class, both upper and lower, require greater control than those living on welfare or in abject poverty. The "Middle Class" is less of a threat to the Masters, yet because of their numbers and dregs of affluence, they require greater control. Hence they are the greatest consumers and victims of technology. Technology trickles down to those considered by the "Middle Class" to be the "Working Classes" and the "Poor."

An enlightened Darkness rules the land.

There are Shadows within the Darkness.

Within the Shadows, something stirs.

"What was that?"

Dominic stirs.

"What was what?"

A cold sweat dripping through his tattered, black Hendrix t-shirt, Hobbes half whispers, "I thought I heard something."

"I didn't hear anything. What do you think you though you heard?"

"Sounded like something being dragged, over by the dumpster."

"Could have been a rat digging for something to eat."

"No, I know that sound. More like a sack or something. It's too damned foggy to see."



Fog is sucked into the wake of some one or some thing moving away.

Dom whispers, "We'll check it out in the morning. Try to get some sleep."

Both men huddle deeper into the scant warmth of the cardboard crates each calls home. A rustle of old newspapers tuck each man in.

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