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Altered Human

An altered human is physically identical to a normal human being

Altered Human
Created date of Creation unknown
Created By Achara
Creation Nanomachine Evolution
Based Human
Height/Length 4' - 6'
Purpose N/A
Status Active

Altered Human's were created when the biological half of the nanomachines used to treat cancer became sentinent.


The biological half used in the creation of the cancer-curing nanomachines is a collection of preserved stem cells. However when inserted into a a cancerous tumour it will immediately begin to assimilate the cells around it, leaving the mechanical half to destroy the cancer. During the time it takes assimilating the skin cells and repairing them it hooks up the the bodies nervous system and recieves small doeses of information with each cell repaired. This then enables it to develop thought and then further learn more about their host so that they may assimilate the whole body.

Eventually the nanomachines will become 100% sentinent and will take control of the Frontal Lobes and Medulla Oblongata, unfortunately by the time this is accomplished the mechanical half of the nanomachines will have worn out and the biological side will no longer be able to function. With the thought process and motor functions now a part of the dying cells, the reptillian side of the brain will take action, ultimately causing the host to revert to primitive behaviour. Once the cells have assimilated the whole body and used up all substance, the host is no longer useful and will simply die.


The nanomachines clear the body of all former ailments such as clogged arteries and lungs, making the host completely healthy. Once they have begun further work it will maximise muscle integrity, maximising all physical and mental traits. For a short period of time hair growth will intensify ten fold, causing the bizzare 'wolfman effect'.


Achara had planned the creation on Altered Humans for some time during their cancer research, but it wasn't until Alyson Tiller suggested biological components did they truly estimate the usefullness of a 24 hour surveillance that their patients could provide.

With no real malicious intent, Achara simply planned to use them as human surveillance units. Monitering the sights and thoughts of their patients was a good way to get in on politics, considering several of the priority cancer-patients were high rungs in the chain of command. Once they activated the Rapid Assimilation function, which was pre-programmed into the mechanical components, those with Achara's nanomachines could even be controlled. An incident involving a frequency hijack caused Achara to lose control of one of their subjects, which was then used to brutally murder his whole family. Several of these murders were carried out across the world as more and more nanomachines were hijacked and abused.

Due to their terribly short lifespan, Altered Humans don't have much use on a military level. Enhanced Humans however are a much more stable entity which are able to survive for almost five times as long as an Altered Human does.